Biographical Register of Presbyterian Ministers in Australia 1901-1977

New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia

Compiled and Edited by

Rowland S Ward, Malcolm D Prentis and Paul F Cooper

With free upgrades of future revisions which will also include entries for

Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania

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The information contained in this Register was either supplied by the minister or their family or is in the public domain. In a work such as this information is often incomplete or entries need amendment. Additional information in order to clarify, complete and give a fuller appreciation of the ministers of this period will be welcomed by the editors and appropriate data will be included in updates of the Register.

EFFECTIVE ELDERSHIP: A Handbook for Shepherding God’s Church

Edited by Murray Smith


The Elders and Deacons Committee of the Presbyterian Church in NSW

Introduction, 32 Chapters, 288 pages and 18 authors

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Emily Ward’s life is a story of Gracious Survival. Growing up in a poor family in Glasgow, being evacuated during the Second World War to rural Scotland, improving her education, training to be a Nurse, surviving repeated bouts of tuberculosis which punctuated that training were all great challenges. Through the faithfulness of a young Scottish minister, Emily came to know the Lord, the one whose grace strengthened her to face all her challenges. She had by God’s grace survived but more lay ahead.

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This book tells the story of the life of two remarkable nineteenth-century citizens. Their work, which was an expression of their Christian faith, contributed to the building of the economy of the colony of NSW and the Kingdom of God in NSW and beyond. They were deeply involved in the founding and/or development of the Presbyterian Church, the Sydney City Mission, Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, YWCA, YMCA, AMP, PLC, St Andrew’s College and much more. They were prominent in the rescue of prostitutes, caring for consumptives and the development of a defence force.

Burning or Bushed examines the life of the Presbyterian Church of Australia and how it has fared in the 40 years since the momentous events of Church Union in 1977. It was from a burning bush that Moses was addressed by God. Is the Presbyterian Church still like that burning bush, a place where God is found to be speaking and calling people to serve him? Has it gained increased clarity of purpose since 1977, and is it giving a clear and effective witness to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ? Or has it lost its way? Is it bushed and directionless, worn out and waiting to pass away? Or is it still on fire for the Lord and his work? This book of essays seeks to address these questions.

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Forget About the Fish is an engaging retelling of the biblical story of Jonah. It is a 62-page A5 storybook to be either read to a group of primary school-aged children or given as a gift to a child. The text is written by Joan Dalton and it has lots of great black and white illustrations by Cath Chegwidden.

Lucas: An Evangelical History Review is published in two issues per year. It is peer-reviewed and enjoys an international distribution. Its focus is on the history of Australian evangelicalism, but it does publish quality submissions on the wider history of evangelicalism. It also welcomes submissions on the topic of evangelicalism and methodology. It is available through membership of the Evangelical History Association of Australia

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This groundbreaking work is the first to address, in-depth, the history, context, identity,  meaning, scope and significance of the 1901 declaratory statement of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. It provides an invaluable insight into its theology and relevance for today’s Australian Presbyterian Church.

For nearly 60 years the leaders of the Jon Frum cargo cult had fiercely resisted any attempt to preach the Christian gospel among their members on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu. But all that changed in a series of dramatic events around the year 2000 and following. A key player in this was a young man named Maliwan Taruei.

I have good reason for the very great thankfulness in my preservation so far, and we must go forward into the coming year with the same steady hope and trust in which you saw me set out on this year. If a man comes back in Providence from this he will be prouder of it than of anything else in his life, and feeble though my activities have been so far, I am considerably comforted from this reflection….

Your affectionate son,
Jim Blackwood

Jim Blackwood died aged 20 on the Western Front in 1916. The book is a collection of his letters home.

John Woods has written an enlightening account of the work of the Middle East Christian Outreach and its precursors in proclaiming Jesus in the Middle East. The book has 445 pages with 120 illustrations

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